Thursday, June 21, 2012

The House of Seven Fireplaces

The classical Greek Revival at 44 North Street in Grafton, Massachusetts is unique not just because its first owner was the builder but also for the special features of the home such as its seven distinctive fireplaces. Most houses today have one or perhaps two fireplaces at most.

We need to remember that in the 1830s when the house was built that fireplaces served the very practical use of heating the home. Practicality aside, the fireplaces in this home take on a more decorative tone than normal. Each fireplace is unique, some with painted tiles others with delicate wood panel decorations.

The fireplaces are found in both parlors, the family room off of the kitchen, the dining room, the library and in two bedrooms. (Click the images to enlarge)

The property at 44 North Street, Grafton, Massachusetts is currently for sale and listed by realtors, Rhonda Heyman and Linda Mossman. More information about the house can be found on Rhonda's website.

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