Saturday, June 9, 2012

Historic North Street, Grafton

Historic North Street in Grafton, Massachusetts is lined with antique homes giving it the feel of yesteryear. North Street is located in the Grafton Center historic district.  The houses range in age from 1734 to early twentieth century.

The Kimball - Warren house, circa 1830

The Joel Drake House, circa 1815

The Heywood House, circa 1790

The Jonas H. Chickering House, circa 1874

The Capt. Jonathan Warren House, circa 1827

The Hannah Aldrich House, circa 1835

The George Clapp House, circa 1832

The Holbrook House, circa 1810

The Swinn House, circa 1929


  1. I live in the Holbrook House in South Grafton, and the house pictured above isn't it. Can I ask what the source of your information is?

    The Holbrook House is located on Elmwood St.

    1. Thank you for your email! According to the Massachusetts Cultural Resources Information System (MACRIS) there are two Holbrook houses in Grafton - one on Elmwood Street and one on North Street.

      The one on Elmwood is described as "for generations it was the farmstead of the Holbrook family..."

      The one on North is described as "The 1857 maps shows the owner as William Holbrook..." He was not the earliest owner but that seems to be the way the house got its name according to MACRIS.

      Hope this helps clarify things a bit. You can access MACRIS at