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George Fisher Buys Property on Grafton Common

The George Fisher House, 2 South Street, Grafton, MA
photo by Marian Pierre-Louis, 2012
On August 29, 1884 successful cotton manufacturer George Fisher bought the site of the former J. Wheeler store. He paid $3,150 for the property now known as 2 South Street. He would turn this property into the only High Victorian style residence facing Grafton Common.

Fisher was 40 years old at the time of the purchase. He and his 29 year old wife, the former Ella Farnum, had been living in the Farnumsville section of Grafton.

George, born November 18, 1843, was the son Erastus and Mary Fisher. Erastus had moved with his brother from Connecticut to a establish textile mill in Grafton on the Blackstone River. In 1868 Erastus transferred 1/4 of his business to each of his sons George and Albert and then renamed his business E. Fisher and sons. George was a young 25 years old when he joined the family business. After the death of Erastus, George took over the business.

Soon George Fisher was a prominent man in Grafton. In 1875 he was selected as a town Assessor. In 1877 and 1878 he served as a Selectman.
1884 Deed for 2 South Street, Grafton when purchased by George Fisher

His life was not without tragedy. George and Ella would remain childless after their 1876 marriage. George would not live long to benefit from the rewards of his success. He died at age 56 on February 7, 1900 leaving his wife a 45 year old widow.

Ella Farnum Fisher remained single for the rest of her long life until her death at age 94 in May 26, 1949.  She remained in the beautiful house on Grafton Common at least until 1930. The house at 2 South Street would be sold out of the family for the first time in 1950. It had been in the Fisher family for its first 66 years.

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