About the site

Historic Metrowest Boston focuses on historic homes in the Metrowest area of eastern Massachusetts. The site is geared toward historic home buyers and home sellers who are seeking information about historic houses in this area. Though the blog is equally beneficial to anyone interested in historic homes in this area.

Here you will find information about:
  • Historic districts
  • Individual houses
  • House styles
  • Architectural details
  • Local History
  • Q&A from readers

Please feel free to send the author any questions you have about historic houses in Metrowest Boston.

About the author

Marian Pierre-Louis is a full-time house historian and historical researcher who has been conducting archival research (following the paper trail) on historic houses since 2004. Marian has done extensive research on homes in eastern and central Massachusetts for private clients, newspapers articles, her local historical commission and background research for her talks.

Marian is also the author of the New England House Historian blog which is dedicated to helping home owners and historic house lovers with the ins and outs of researching historic homes.

Marian frequently lectures on historic houses in order to provide historic home owners with the skills to research the history of their own homes. She hopes to encourage as many people as possible to take an interest in researching historic homes. You will find her giving talks across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island so be sure to check her schedule in case she is speaking at a location near you. Marian is also the host of the weekly internet radio show, Fieldstone Common, where she interviews authors about history and genealogy topics related to the northeast.

Real Estate Background

Marian was also a real estate agent for three years. Though she prefers historic research, this puts her in the unique position of being able to understand the needs of historic home sellers and buyers. She puts her skills to use in helping historic home buyers and sellers select agents and fields questions about historic homes during the real estate process.