Thursday, May 17, 2012

Historic Washington Street, Holliston

I can't say for sure that Holliston has the most historic homes of any town in Massachusetts but it sure ranks pretty close to the top. Holliston has uniquely preserved most of the historic homes that line its main thoroughfare, Washington Street, in a time when most towns demolish or relocate downtown historical buildings. You can start in west Holliston and drive east the whole way along Washington Street and see historic homes nearly the entire time.  The odd split-level or ranch looks out of place amongst the graceful detail and character of older homes. Take a virtual tour to enjoy its historic homes and plan for the day when you can see them in person.

The homes in this virtual represent only a mile or so of Washington Street west of downtown.  The homes in the center of town and to the east will have to be represented in a later post. Click each photo to view a larger image.

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