Sunday, March 11, 2012

Historic Village Street, Medway

Most New England towns have at least one or two streets that evoke the quintessentially quaint historic feel of yesteryear. One of those streets in Medway, Massachusetts is Village Street. This street starts at the corner of Main Street just past the Medway/Bellingham border. The street runs for three or four miles in an easterly direction across the length of Medway. It continues on through part of Millis until it reconnects with Main Street in that town.

According to former Medway town historian, Francis Donovan, the road has been known as The Road to the Wilderness, The Old County Road, The Middle Post Road, and now as Village Street. The road was originally laid out in 1670 and is home to many beautiful old houses today.  The oldest house still standing on Village Street and dating to 1770,is at the corner of Village and Lovers Lane but has seen many changes and additions over the years. Another comparable house is the Major Luther Metcalf House which dates to 1792. Part of Village Street near Town Hall is contained in the Medway Village Historic District which is honored as part of the National Register of Historic Places.

 Enjoy this virtual tour of Village Street, Medway.

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  1. The very name "Villiage Street" gives off that nostalgic feeling of quaintness. Nice homes, great photos.